Harold H. Byer, M.D., Ph.D.

Harold H. ByerWhile premier technology and extensive experience are mandatory for great results in eye surgery, these cannot take the place of the surgeon emphasizing meticulous technique and a caring, gentle bedside manner... and I offer you both.

My personal responsibility is to assure you that every aspect of your surgical experience will be conducted with the utmost skill and competence. Even after performing several thousand surgeries, I still take pride in obtaining great results and tailoring my care to the personal needs of my patients. I am known for taking the time to do the surgery right!

It has been said that the best surgeon not only knows how to operate well, but also knows when to operate, and if to operate. We will conduct a thorough screening exam and a careful evaluation to avoid any potential pitfalls. If I do not think that someone is a good candidate for laser vision correction, I will recommend waiting for a safer option to become available.

In addition to obtaining his Medical Degrees at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Byer earned a Ph.D. in laser related physics at the University of Virginia.

Come in and visit with me, and we will talk about your specific situation and get you the results that you desire.

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